“The Messenger”
52” x 12”

Robin Howard’s shadow boxes of ephemera and unusual objects seem like an artistic love child between the famously reclusive, found-object artist Aldwyth, a touch of local artist Hirona Matsuda, with more color and literary influences, and a larger world perspective.
— Art Mag
Howard is telling her own stories through art. And each piece is a new adventure that invites viewers in and allows them to create their own journeys.
— Post & Courier
The human-sized sculptures take on lives of their own from the debris of yesteryear, imbuing their surroundings with an uncanny sense of time and place.
— Charleston Magazine
Howard is known for her Charleston shadow boxes made of compartmentalized found natural objects, typewritten texts, small paper sculptures, and magnifying glasses. They’re carefully sourced homages to the history and beauty of the Lowcountry.
— Charleston City Paper